Friday, 3 November 2017

 We have sprayed the Craighead course tees with iron to help harden the plant up going into the winter months
 The Craighead fairways have been slit tined again at a slight different direction to allow more air/water into the soil profile
 From the 1st of November the par tees will be from mats apart from any medal/comps which they will be back off turf, this is done to help aid the recovery of the tees through the winter months plus we have very little growth so any damage will take much longer to repair for having decent tees going into next golfing season
 The 7th Greenside bunker on the Craighead course has been rebuilt and will be G.U.R until start of the new golfing season

Our new material bays are now completed, we just need to reshape the banking to the left of them to keep them hidden from the course, this will be done once the concrete has cured

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