Friday, 10 November 2017

 This week saw the start of the mid week course closure for the Balcomie course, so we have made a start to rebuilding worn bunker faces

 12th green side bunker

 8th fairway bunker

 4th green side bunker

 weather still great for this time of year
 we have applied more top-dressing sand to the greens, surrounds and tees on the Balcomie course
 All the fairways on the Balcomie course have been slit tined to relieve compaction
 We have been hand cutting the Craighead course greens to help smooth the surface after the deep aeration work to them 2 weeks ago
 All bunker faces over both courses have been cut/blown etc to keep them neat and tidy through the winter months
 Irrigation trenches have been dug round our new short game area on the driving range ready for the installation of the new pipework and sprinklers
Cutting and collecting of deep roughs is still ongoing when weather permits

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