Friday, 30 November 2018

 The guys busy setting the course up for play, we are starting to use the hand mowers for cutting greens when possible
 Both front green side bunkers on hole 12 on the Craighead course have been rebuilt as their faces were worn out from play

 This week is the start of burying all the overhead electric cables from the bottom of our driving range, through both our car parks and on holes 11 & 12 on the Craighead course, this project will hopefully be completed in 2 to 3 weeks then another week or 2 for all the clearing up etc
 the new cable will be ducted on all areas for protection
 The contractors have hit a lot of rock especially at holes 11 & 12 on the Craighead course
 more rock, so they have had to use a picker to break through to get the correct depths for laying the new cables
 New cable ready to be installed into the duct. These poles will all be taken down in the next couple of days
The Greenstaff will carry out all the clearing up and re-instating of the areas where possible

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

 This week we have made a start to rebuilding and extending the 11th medal tee on the Balcomie course
 We are replacing the top 8" of sandy soil on the tee to make it a little richer in soil to help improve the playing surfaces in the droughts as this tee has always struggled in these conditions
 bunker right of the 1st green on the Balcomie course has been rebuilt

 the 9th fairway bunker on the Balcomie course has been rebuilt

 All fairways on the Balcomie course have been sprayed with iron to help harden the grass plant through the winter months, also the 2nd fairway had an application of fert/seaweed as it has struggled through the summer drought, plus this will help the new seed that we put down
 front green-side bunker on hole 7 of the Craighead course is being rebuilt
an operation we carry out each year on all the drainage areas that we have completed in the last 6 years or so on the Craighead course is to disc aerate these areas to 5" to open up the surfaces going into the winter months to connect the surface profile to the drainage to aid air and water movement
this year we applied a heavy sand top-dressing to help smooth the surfaces of these drainage areas before aerating, this should also help incorporate a little sand into the soil profile

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Great achievement for the Greenstaff

 This week saw our Balcomie course receive the award for best golf course between £50-£100 green fee at the Scottish golf tourism awards, well done guys
 We have been busy building bunkers again this week, the 10th greenside on the Craighead course has been rebuilt

 The Craighead course fairways have been double slit tined again this week to relieve as much surface compaction as possible
 The 7th greenside bunker on the Craighead course has been rebuilt this week

 This week as we do once a year is to get our local drainage contractor in to carry out work to our 2nd fairway on the Craighead course
 We have installed a main 4" pipe round the fairway to be used to take the water off the surface of the fairway

 the pipe has been installed to a depth of 700mm, with 10-20mm gravel then 2-6mm grit then rootzone on top and the pipe line re-turfed

 We have started to install gravel banding across the fairway which will all lead into the new main drain to take the water away from the fairway
this fairway drainage will be completed next year to fit in with our planned budgets, then we will move on to another area on the course, all going well we will have our planned drainage project completed in the next 5/6 years on the Craighead course

Thursday, 1 November 2018

 Some moody sky's this week

 We have rebuilt the 17th greenside bunker on the Craighead course

 we are continuing to seed and divot the old drainage lines from last year to smooth off the surfaces at hole 2 on the Craighead course
 That's us using winter tee mats at our par 3 tees over both courses to allow the surfaces to recover for next years season, the tee markers will be off turf for winter competitions
 Par 3 tees on both courses were fully divoted then a heavy sand top-dressing to fill in any old divots and smooth off the surfaces
 All Craighead course greens, surrounds, tees & fairways have been sprayed with iron to help harden up the plant going into the winter
 The Ladies 18th tee on the Craighead course has been re-leveled, we also have managed to re-use the existing turf to save wasting materials

 The tee will be out of play till the start of next season to allow to establish

Thursday, 25 October 2018

 Getting the Balcomie course set up for the medal, we are now having to team up staff to complete tasks in front of play with the darker mornings and the early tee times
 This week is the start of our mid week winter course closures, which allows the staff to carry out aeration and winter work plans safely and productively. The Craighead course is closed first, so we have solid tined our tees to a depth of 6" to relieve compaction plus walkways
 The Craighead fairways were all slit tined to a depth of 5"to relieve compaction and help drainage
 When the weather permits we have been cutting and collecting deep rough areas to help thin and make these areas more playable
 We have been clearing and lifting the leaves at the roadsides and the 3rd green area on the Craighead course most mornings
 We have had a real success this year with our over seeding of the Balcomie greens which was done late September
 Last week we held a familiarisation day with our local guests houses, B&B's owners and tour operators which send theirs guests to us over the years, partly to thank them and give them an insight to how we operate, what we offer and a tour of the facilities
 The Craighead course greens were lightly scarified to a depth of 7mm to take out thatch to help produce firmer surfaces

 The amount of material out per 2 greens
 Greens after verti-cut and cut, very little disturbance to the playing surfaces
 Another 18tons of sand applied to the greens & surrounds to help smooth the surfaces, fill the scarifying lines and dilute thatch
 We have trimmed back all the bushes and weeded the flower bed at the Clubhouse so not to restrict the views from the Clubhouse
 The 13th fence on the Balcomie course has been painted to protect the wood and freshen up the look of the fence
We have cut and trimmed back about 50% of the gorse right of the 8th fairway on the Balcomie course as the gorse was getting far too tall and leggy, we will wait a couple of year to allow this area to regenerate then we will cut back the other half , so not to make this area look to unsightly or baron