Friday, 22 January 2021

We have taken advantage of the couple of days of good weather to top-dress the Balcomie greens, then lightly brush the sand in. 

With being back in lock-down we have reduced the staffing levels for safety  

Greens 3, 6 & 18 have been deep solid tined on the Balcomie course to help drainage/air movement after the top-dressing plus to help merge the sand into the thatch layer to help dilute the thatch 

All the greens were rolled after to help smooth off the surfaces and the greens that were solid tined were double rolled 
Work is ongoing at the new pump-house/tank surrounding area 
We have added a bank to help the tank fit in better with the surrounding areas and we utilised all the old turf from this area for the banking 

Adverse weather jobs have been to fully drain and clean out our recycling wash pad 
And building another Railway sleeper recycling bin for the Balcomie course 

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Happy new year

I hope all have had a nice Xmas & new year. we have been running the Greenstaff department with reduced staffing now since last March due to Covid and now we have reduced staff numbers even more with the new lock-down to keep our staff safe. with the weather on our side on Monday we managed to top-dress the Craighead course greens & PG's with 0.5tons per green of sand then lightly brush in, this is to help reduce thatch levels and smooth off our surfaces 
We have now managed to dig out, re-shape and refill the newly built bunkers from last winter over both our courses 
these bunkers are now back in play. a massive thank you to the team of volunteers that have been helping out on the courses with bunker raking and emptying bins 

Wednesday, 16 December 2020

We have carried out aeration to the Craighead tees/walkways to a depth of 125mm to relieve compaction and aid in water and air movement
minimum disturbance to the teeing surfaces 
We have applied another 0.5tons of top-dressing sand to each of the Balcomie course greens to help dilute thatch and improve the surfaces 
then gently rubbed in 
We have built another recycling bin for the 11th tee path on the Balcomie course 
Our main winter project from last winter is now completed at tees 7 on the Balcomie course, this project was put on hold due to Covid this season 

We have moved the bridge to the 2nd tee on the Balcomie course to change the wear pattern and to a slightly flatter area 
We have started to slit tine the Balcomie course fairways to relieve compaction to a depth of 125mm 
The old drainage lines on the 2nd fairway of the Craighead course have been seeded/divoted, then the whole area top-dressed to help smooth the surface, this will be ongoing 

Saturday, 28 November 2020

This week was the start of our mid week winter course closures, so with the Craighead course closed, we heavy top-dressed the greens then rubbed in the top-dressing to help dilute the thatch level and improve the surfaces 
Then we solid tined to a depth of 125mm to help incorporate the sand into the profile and improve air & water movement 
Then greens were then rolled, hopefully the greens will be back to normal in 2 weeks 
All the fairways were slit tined again to a depth of 125mm to aid in surface drainage, air movement and reduce compaction from the summer 
Very little disturbance to the surfaces plus we have the preferred lies rule in place 
The Balcomie course greens have been sprayed with a preventative fungicide going into the winter months  
A winter project this week was to replace any old/rotten wood on the steps up to the 2nd medal tee on the Balcomie course 
All the worn area at the top of the steps was replaced and rubber matting added to help with wear and tear 

Then the steps got a good paint to help preserve the wood 
Fantastic having volunteers out helping divot the Craighead course fairways while the course was closed this week 

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

All going really well on the courses with being short staffed and the volunteers are doing a great job helping us out with bunker raking, emptying bins and collecting balls. We have applied liquid iron/fert to the Balcomie course greens after we top-dressed 
The Balcomie course greens getting another application of top-dressing sand to help improve the surfaces 
That's us starting our winter aeration plans of slit tining the fairways to a depth of 125mm to help relieve compaction and aid in surface drainage 
Fairways have all been sprayed with soluble iron for the winter months  
We have managed to get the steps/bin area at hole 8 on the Balcomie course painted 
All the Railway sleeper work at the 7th tee path is now completed 

The path is being leveled off with using hardcore then we will add grey whin dust to the surface to complete this project 
We have added a couple of drains along the side to help water move off the surface quicker 
We have rebuilt the damaged area on the large bunker in front of green 9 on the Balcomie course 
This bunker will be out of play until the start of the season 

Friday, 30 October 2020

With reducing cutting going into the winter, we will look at brushing our fairways to help disperse worm casts which are a real problem at this time of year for us 
With cutting reducing it will allow us to get back to the work at the 7th tee path on the Balcomie course which we could not complete in April due to Covid 
hopefully this project will be completed by end of November as we are still on reduced staffing levels 

Last week we managed to apply a ton of top-dressing sand to each green on the Craighead course then gentle rub in to help dilute thatch levels, we are hoping to apply another ton to each green next month plus solid tine the surfaces to help merge the sand into the profile 
Once the sand was washed in we then applied our winter fertiliser to the greens 
Our newly turfed 1st winter tee on the Balcomie course is coming on really well and has been rolled then had it's first cut 
We have replaced another old bin with our in-house recycling bins made from Railway sleepers at tee 8 on the Balcomie course, once we get a dry/calm day the steps etc will be painted to freshen this area up 
When we get a chance we will check the new irrigation lines on the Balcomie course if they need seeded and top-dressed to smooth them out, we were hoping to have this done earlier this year but struggled for time with the reduced staffing levels