Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Heavy rain after the snow

 After we thought we were over the snow etc we then got hit with the heavy rain

 More painting being done in the adverse weather

 2 days later all flooding gone, back to our winter work plans
 Rotovating and levelling the 7th medal tee on the Balcomie course

 Applying iron and wetting agent to greens and surrounds on both courses and the Craighead course tees
 All the bunkers on the Balcomie course have been edged, weeded and shaped, we just need to screen fresh sand to top them up going into the season
 We have made a start to turfing the 3rd tee on the Balcomie course after delays due to the weather and the delivery of the turf for the same reasons
Looking great

Friday, 2 March 2018

The Beast from the East

 The calm before the storm
 We did mange to get working at the 3rd tee on the Balcomie course
 And the start of the storm
 14th Craighead course
 10th Craighead course
 13th Balcomie course
 14th Balcomie course
 18th Balcomie course
 Coastline next to 14th Craighead course
 The road from Crail out to the courses was barely passable

We have now managed to clear the road over the last couple of days right into Crail

Friday, 23 February 2018

 This week we have just been having light frosts which has allowed us to carry out work once it had lifted usually about from 10am, we applied iron and wetting agent to the Balcomie course greens
 gave the fairways on both courses their first cut of the year to tidy them up
 Same with the teeing grounds
 In the mornings we painted our Craighead medal tee pots and replaced the stickers
 Last Sunday we helped  Fife BDMLR team rescue a seal trapped in a fishing net at the rocks of the 3rd tee on the Balcomie course

 We applied another sand top-dressing to the Balcomie course greens & surrounds
 work has started on lifting all the turf off the 3rd tee on the Balcomie course that could not be re-used
 surface rotovated 2 ways to break up all the compaction
 re-levelling of the surface

 work on fixing the railway sleepers side etc on the 7th medal tee on the Balcomie course is ongoing

Friday, 9 February 2018

 It was another great success holding a talk/tour of the Greenkeeping department to the members to give them an insight to what we all do etc
 Showing the members what is involved each day in setting up our cutting units etc
 They all even got a shot of using the turf iron

 The large greenside bunker on hole 17 on the Craighead course is now complete, we just need to add sand going into the season then it will be back in play

 Another great job by our staff
 We have been working away at our new short game area with installing the irrigation
 Digging out the area for the short game area new green to get the levels before adding in drains etc
 Before the adverse weather on Tuesday and Wednesday we did manage to cut greens & surrounds, top-dress and rub in on the Craighead course

 The wall area rear of the 14th green which was rebuilt on the Craighead course has been tidied up and levelled, soil added then re-turfed so we can cut right up to wall so it can be on show instead of allowing the deep rough to grow again

 We have rebuilt the 1st greenside bunker on the Craighead course

 The Balcomie course on Tuesday after the snow
We have taken samples from the Craighead course greens to measure our organic matter levels to see if we are going in the right direction with our aeration and top-dressing programs