Friday, 19 April 2019

 A very busy week setting up the Craighead course for the Battle trophy this weekend, the staff have done a great job
 The season is well underway and both courses starting to get great definition

 Fairways have been cut and clippings collected to improve the surfaces and reduce weed seeds
 We have caught up on the last of the course furniture painting, the 15th hole marker pole
 All fairways have been divoted
 We have replaced our signage on the Balcomie course to be consistent with all signs

Friday, 5 April 2019

 This week we applied 6tons of top-dressing sand to the Balcomie course greens before the rain mid week
 after the top-dressing we rubbed the sand into the surface, this should help reduce thatch levels and smooth the surfaces off going into the season
 We have over seeded any weak tees
 Then a heavy top-dressing of sand to cover the seed

 The rebuilding of the 3rd tee storm hut on the Balcomie course is completed, we will landscape the surrounding area in the next few weeks and lay slabs round the building to finish it off
 That's us starting to carry out more cutting each week over all playing areas
 We have repainted our fairway yardage posts for the Craighead course
 We have been in at Crail helping prepare the Crail festival putting green for this Summer

Friday, 29 March 2019

The season is here

 Our new short game area on the driving range is now open

 Railway sleeper work is now completed all the way round the tee path at the 15th on the Balcomie course

 Some back filling required and gorse planting behind the new sleepers
 Whin dusting of the path surface has been started and will be completed next week to complete this major winter project just in time for the season starting
 We have now started to collect the grass clippings from the Balcomie course fairways to help reduce weed seeds and worm cast and present cleaner surfaces
 Screening sand for topping up bunkers will be ongoing for the next couple of weeks
 We have applied a soluble iron to the Craighead course fairways to help deter moss

 Between holes 6 & 8 and 9 & 18 on the Craighead course we have been planting more gorse to help separate these holes,add more feature and encourage wildlife to these areas

 some cracking mornings
 More course furniture being painted going into the season
 We have knocked down the old storm hut at the 3rd tee on the Balcomie course as it was in disrepair and is getting rebuilt like for like
 this should be completed and painted by the end of next week, weather pending
This week we have been trialing a fairway brush to help reduce cutting in the winter months and clean the surfaces of worm-casts/stand the grass up before cutting which should help reduce wear and tear on our cutting units and give better presentation

Friday, 22 March 2019

 Work is progressing well at at the building of the railway sleepers a round the 15th tees on the Balcomie course and now we are building the railway sleepers on the other side of the path
 Edging/weeding and topping up of our tee paths is ongoing

 the new turf is starting to grow through our rubber matting at the end of certain tee paths to reduce wear and tear

 We have knocked down the storm hut next to the 3rd tees on the Balcomie course as in disrepair, this will be rebuilt like for like in the next few weeks

 I attended a BIGGA talk on the upgrades on their irrigation system at the Castle course at St Andrews Links, which was very informative talk which will really help us plan for when we are replacing the Balcomie course irrigation system, tanks and pump house this Autumn
at the start of the week we took the chance before the wind that was foretasted later in the week to fertilise our greens, tees and walkways on the Balcomie course and the tees & walkways on the Craighead course going into the season

Friday, 15 March 2019

 Not long till our new short game area will be open for the season
 We have started work on our wildflower area on the driving range, we will have this seeded out in April as done in previous years
 Edging/weeding tee paths over both courses is going well for going into the new season
 We have had a local contractor in re-grading our road to the Greenkeeping shed
 Work is progressing well at the tee and path at 15th on the Balcomie course

 We have been out cutting all areas this week over both our courses and driving range for going into the season
Finishing off course furniture painting