Friday, 17 November 2017

 With the Balcomie course on it's 2nd mid week closure we were out spraying iron on greens, surrounds, tees and fairways to help harden the plant up/add a little colour going into the winter months, before the fairway were sprayed we slit tined and cut
 We have rebuild the 1st green side bunker which sits in the bank in front of the green

 All our bunker faces over 0.5m high are at 35 degrees of an angle to keep with our course policy document

 Great job done by the team, we have roped off this area to aid recovery and allow the area a good rest from all the summer play
 We have built a new bank next to our new material bays to keep them hidden from the courses

Other tasks have been course set up each day for the Craighead course and we are still working away at cutting and collecting deep rough areas

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