Friday, 27 October 2017

Air and more air

 That's the start of our mid week winter course closures with the Craighead course being closed first, so we have taken this chance to carry out deep aeration to our greens, tees & fairways

 this will allow them to drain and breath going into the winter months
 then the greens and surrounds had an application of sand top-dressing to help dilute thatch and improve the surfaces
 the Ladies 1st tee was stripped then leveled then re-turfed
 All the fairways were slit tined
 Then once the greens were completed we replaced the tines with the larger ones for deep tining the tees
 Then sand top-dressing applied to the tees for the same reason as the greens & surrounds

 Our newly turfed bank round our dump area has had considerable amounts of damage from badgers
 Our new material bays are nearing completion with only the concrete flooring to be done next week

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