Saturday, 7 October 2017

 This week we have been fixing any problems with our irrigation system on the Balcomie course

 We have been out deep tining the Craighead course tees to relieve compaction

 A problem area on our putting has been deep bored to 2' and then the heavy soil replaced with rootzone sand to improve the drainage
 with the drier weather we have started to cut and collect areas of deep rough again

 Great job by the guys getting the Craighead course set up for the Mid Amateur event on Friday and Saturday with it being a 2 tee start at 8.15am, which was tight time wise with the darker mornings
 the par 3 tees over both courses have had a heavy top-dressing to help smooth off the surface after a very busy season, this will be done again in about a months time before going onto winter tee mats on these holes
 With heading into the winter months and temperatures are starting to drop, we have raised the height of cut on both our greens mowers to help protect the plant, plus help the new seed that was planted last week on the Balcomie course greens etc

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