Monday, 4 September 2017

 That's reached September already, so our main plans for this month is to 16mm hollow core any problem tees over both courses and all the fronts of the Craighead surrounds, the reason for this is to reduce compaction and thatch, replace the heavy soil in the surrounds and replace with good sand top-dressing to make the areas firmer and dryer

 Our new wildflower area that was seeded this year on the end of our driving range has been a great success and will hopefully be a real benefit to the birds and bees in the area
 With it coming to the end of the golfing season it's that time to start cutting and collecting the problem areas of deep roughs over both the courses to help make these areas thinner and more playable for next season, this is an ongoing task but we are starting to see the benefits
 We are still getting a fair bit of growth still so it's still the full cutting program over both the courses etc

 Anytime we get the chance we will be out hand weeding the greens to reduce chemical applications plus less stress on the plant as it's under enough stress with play and mowing at 4mm
 For H&S we decided to move and build a new petrol store next to our diesel tank and recycling wash pad plus add 2 more fire extinguishers at this area
 Holes 5 & 6 on the Balcomie course
 4th Fairway/carry on the Balcomie course
 5th fairway/carry on the Balcomie course
 2nd green on the Balcomie course looking back at the Clubhouse
 Green 9 on the Balcomie course
Green 1 on the Balcomie course looking across to the new course toilets

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