Monday, 28 August 2017

 This week we have managed to get another top-dressing of sand on the Craighead course greens, this has been tough with all the showers we have been having the last few weeks
 this will help in improving our surfaces making them smoother, firmer and quicker
 Greens being rubbed in once the sand has dried
 We have been carrying out a lot of brushing before cutting on our surrounds over both courses, this is to help brush up the grass to achieve a better cut and lift the lateral growth
 We have had to fix apart of the wall between holes 17 on the Balcomie course and 10th on the Craighead course
 In any adverse weather, we have been keeping up with machine maintenance and the tidiness of the sheds
 Recently we have had issues with Seagulls feathers and droppings on certain greens and surrounds etc
We have heavily top-dressed the new drainage lines on the 2nd fairway on the Craighead course, this will continue to smooth off the surface plus build up a sand layer

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