Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Battle Trophy

 At the weekend we held the Battle trophy over the Craighead course
 Some great scoring for rounds 1 & 2 but on the Sunday for rounds 3 & 4 the wind got up and made both rounds challenging

 This week we have been catching up with jobs on the Balcomie course as last week most of the man power was used for setting up for the Battle
 We have been out spraying a herbicide to help control the rougher grasses in our problem areas of roughs over both courses, this is part of our rough management plan with cutting and collecting these areas to help thin out the roughs to make them more playable and cleaner
 We have applied a fertiliser to fairways 2,3 & any new drainage work areas to promote recovery and improve our 2 weaker fairways on the Craighead course
In the afternoons once the morning jobs have been completed on the courses,we have been screening sand for topping up bunkers

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