Friday, 28 April 2017

Aeration week

 From Wednesday we have closed the Craighead course for 3 days to complete essential aeration work to the greens
 We started off by deep tining to 250mm with a solid 12mm tine to aid drainage/air movement and break up compaction
 Then we mini-hollow cored with a 11mm tine to a depth of 25mm to take out any unwanted thatch plus this is an ideal seed pot for before over seeding
 Then we cleaned up all the cores
  Verti-cutting to help clean up more mess and smooth off the surfaces
 Then overseed with traditional fescue/bent mix

 All greens and surrounds were top-dressed to cover the seed and fill in the aeration holes, we applied a ton of sand per green, then left to dry before rubbing in and vibrate rolled

 Irrigation has been applied to wash in the sand and keep the new seed damp to help with germination
 With the temperatures slowly rising, we have started to spray selective herbicide to help control daises over both courses
 With the Craighead course closed for the aeration, it made sense to organise our local contractor to come in and re-grade the road to the shed and fill in any potholes etc as the road goes through the course

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