Friday, 3 March 2017

New course toilets

 Work is still on-going at the pathway to the new course toilets
 On the path we have laid 2" of recycled road planings to make a real firm base then 2" of grey whin dust for the surface of the path to match the rest of the tee paths etc over both courses

 Cementing for the new fencing at the toilets, these posts can be taken out for cutting etc
 The astroturf has been laid at side of the toilets to finish off this area, where we will place a bench and flower pots
 We are repairing the road that is at the rear of the 13th tee to fit in with the new toilet path
 Repairs to the path to the 16th green on the Balcomie course
 Walkway to the 1st fairway on the Balcomie course completed
 With storm Doris last week we carried on with repairing and painting our tee bins
 All the bunkers on the Balcomie course have been edged, weeded and sand reshaped for going into the new season, we just need to add fresh sand to certain bunkers
 With the nice weather we took the chance to apply more sand to the Balcomie course greens after they were turf ironed to remove the morning dew

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