Friday, 31 March 2017

 With the dry spell, we have primed up our irrigation system over both the courses ready for the season
 We have been busy screening sand for the newly built bunkers and any bunker that's needing fresh sand
 Work continues on the tee paths on the Balcomie course once we have completed the daily courses set up
 We are now not far away from our full cutting program of all areas
 We have re-positioned the 7th bin and ball washer on the Balcomie course slightly lower down the path to reduce it being hit from balls off the back medal tee and incorporated railway sleepers on the surrounding area

 7th path being edged, weeded then topped up with whindust

 We have now started our wetting agent program on the greens & surrounds plus we applied liquid iron to add colour to the surfaces before we apply our spring fertiliser next week weather pending
 The bridge over to the 2nd tee has been repaired by re-turfing the worn areas plus added matting for grip in wet conditions, which means all the railway sleepers bridges over the burn have been completed
 Another task we completed this week was to replace the damaged drains in the car park

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