Thursday, 20 October 2016

 Before our winter work starts next week, we have taken the chance to catch up with a drainage job at the roadside to drain the road into an existing drain and level the old ditches to make the roadside better to maintain
 We have made sides for our utility vehicle for when we are transporting gorse etc to hold more
 with the drop in temperature we have reduce all cutting and in between cuts we will turf iron instead to help keep a smooth surface
 It's that time of year when we have slight problems with casting worms, so we have sprayed a worm irritant on the Balcomie course greens to help keep the surfaces cleaner
 We have put out a new sign at the 4th bottom medal tee to give the information of the carry over the beach, start of the fairway and to the bunker
 Today we have been out hollow coring certain tees & aprons on the Craighead course to help reduce thatch levels
 On Wednesday I attended a seminar and course walk at Stirling GC on the re-design of bunkers and certain areas of the course

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