Monday, 19 September 2016

 After completing the aeration work to the greens on the Craighead course, we applied a 5.0.27 fertiliser to aid recovery
 We have started to deep aerate the Craighead tees to help relieve compaction and improve drainage
 That's the new benches out at the Craighead starters hut
 We applied a liquid Seaweed to the Balcomie greens
 It's that time of year to mark out, cut and top-dress etc our winter greens to allow any divots to repair before being in use

 That's our sprayer had it's MOT, which it passed with no problems. This is a new law that has came out to keep our power sprayer in tip top condition
 Another tow for us on Friday afternoon, a golfer managed to drive off the edge of the 16th tee path into the bell and bin
Finishing off our winter work plans etc for the Greens meeting this week

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