Thursday, 29 September 2016

 This week we have had the Balcomie course closed to carry out aeration work to the greens & tees
 Greens & tees have been deep tined to 8" to help relieve the compaction from this years play plus our machinery
 Then we mini-cored to 1" to take out excess thatch

 Greens 16 & 18 we hollow cored with a 16mm tine to take more thatch out than the other greens
 The boys cleaning up the cores
 After the cores were collected we verti-cut to really clean up the surfaces and cut out any lateral growth plus this helps to open up the surface for seeding
 All the greens were over seeded in 2 directions to achieve the best germination of the seed
 the seed was then switched/brushed and drag matted into as many holes as possible
 Then the seed and holes were covered with sand and drag matted in then the surfaces were watered and vibrate rolled to help smooth the surfaces
Today was a catch up on all the cutting, as all the staff were on the aeration work for most part of the week

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