Friday, 25 May 2018

 The Craighead course greens have recovered well from the major aeration work 4 weeks ago to reduce our thatch levels and to improving our surfaces
 We applied another top-dressing of sand to aid the recovery of the Craighead course greens this week
 We are at our full cutting program over both courses due to the dry warm weather
 Staff busy trying to keep up with the growth of all areas
 We have been having our irrigation system on every night due to the dry weather for the last 3 weeks, which operates from 10pm to about 5.30am so it wont interfere with play plus lower temperatures at night so not too scorch the grass plant

 We have applied our wetting agent and seaweed to the Balcomie course greens this week
 An application of selective herbicide was applied to the Craighead course tees to reduce daises
We have been noticing slight damage and hatching from leather jackets which turn into daddy long legs, I'm sure most courses are having the same issue as we have no insecticides to spray to control them now on the market


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