Friday, 27 April 2018

Short term pain for long term gain

 This week was our major aeration work to the Craighead course greens which we carry out every 2nd year
 Deep solid tining to 9" to break up any compaction to allow more air movement and drain better
 Then we double scarified them with a 2mm blade to a depth of 20mm, this is to take out as much thatch as possible to help us maintain firm greens
 then the greens were double verti-cut then cut to help clean the surfaces up
 over seeded to get as much seed down the scarifying lines as possible
 then 3 passes with sand to give them a heavy top-dress to help fill in the lines and cover the new seed, we will top-dress again next week as we are trying to apply at least 3/4 tons per green to further reduce the thatch levels
 A light rub in then turf iron

We will be lightly soaking the greens daily to wash in the sand and keep the new seed damp