Friday, 1 December 2017

 This week we had in drainage contractors carrying out work to the 2nd carry to the fairway on the Craighead course as this area can get wet/muddy after heavy rain
 They remove the soil to a depth of 300mm then add 200mm of pea gravel then 100mm of sand on top to allow the surface to drain better, the spacing of the channels is 500mm apart
 This area will be top-dressed and channels topped up with sand in the spring
 We have solid tined the Craighead greens again to a depth of 125mm to allow air and water down through the profile

 That's the 3 new bunker faces built at our new short game area from astro turf

 Also we have started to install the new irrigation pipe work and sprinklers to our new short game area
The Guys have made a start to rebuilding the left hand bunker at the 12th green on the Balcomie course, this will be completed next week

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