Friday, 9 June 2017

Challenging week with the weather

 This week has just been rain and more rain with over 85mm so far, so when the weather let up we were out trying to catch up with all the cutting and repairing water damage in bunkers and on tee paths etc, on-going is cutting and collecting problem areas of deep roughs
 out catching up with fairways and semi-rough cutting, we are very lucky that we dry up very quickly after heavy rain which allows us to get our large cutting machinery back out
 with still having high growth we have continued to verti-cut, groom and brush at least once a week on greens etc to control lateral growth
 in-between showers we had a company in called Fairways demoing the new Jacobsen truck with top-dresser and 2 greens irons
adverse weather jobs were to catch up on trimming and cleaning all sprinklers over both courses

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