Friday, 1 July 2016

 We have started to cut & collect problem areas of deep rough to help speed up play plus allows us to keep to our rough management plans, the only issue we are finding is that once these areas have been cut we need to spray a selective herbicide to control Thistles
 The area of deep rough at hole 16 on the Craighead course has been cut & collected and sprayed with a herbicide to kill off the rougher grasses, which has worked well
 Marsh Orchids at the right of hole 7 on the Craighead course
 Both courses in great shape ready for the Club Championship this weekend. 7th green Craighead
 8th tee Craighead
 16th green Craighead
 17th green Craighead
 10th green Craighead
 16th green Balcomie
 15th & 17th Balcomie
 16th tee Craighead
14th & 15th  fairway Craighead

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