Friday, 17 June 2016

 What a great visit to the Hickory golf club at Kingarrock Estate, where Owen Browne gave us a tour of what they are trying to achieve in the way of 1920's greenkeeping practices etc, well worth a visit and a game
 An old set of trailed gangs for cutting the fairways, tees and semi-roughs
 Owen telling us about how they manage the greens
 The sheep in the back ground controlling their deep roughs
 Back to Crail. We have been testing any old sprinkler head we have and repairing them to be reused in the future
 With the wet weather we have been up cleaning and blowing the car parks and making sure the shoe cleaner is kept clean each morning
 This week seen a slight attack of disease with the damp/wet conditions on the greens so we have been out spraying a systemic fungicide to control this before getting any scarring
Both courses have really greened up again and we are cutting a lot more grass over all areas

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