Wednesday, 27 April 2016

All go this week

 This week is our major aeration work to the Craighead course greens, so the course is closed from Wednesday till Friday to allow us to get as much work done without golfers and the staff will work late to utilise the closure
 Firstly we verti-drained down to a depth of 200mm with a 16mm solid tine
 Then we hollow cored to a depth of 100mm with a 16mm tine

 Then collected all the cores
 A single light scarify to a depth of 8mm
 then a verti-cut to a depth of 2mm and brush to clean the surfaces up before cutting
 Then a light water so not to stress the surfaces out after all the work, all the above work will help reduce thatch levels, improve drainage and produce firmer surfaces
 With the course being closed it was a great chance to complete our drainage work in front of tees 9 & 18 which was postponed because of adverse weather in December

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