Thursday, 3 March 2016

 It's been a real busy week with the nice weather, so that's the new 4th path completed on the Balcomie course
 The rubber matting will help reduce any wear and tear

 One of the main entrances for our machinery on to the Craighead course plus tee path 14 has been re-turfed and matting laid
 Cutting and collecting of deep rough has continued this week over both courses
 Our road to the sheds has been re-graded and shaped to help the rain water run off and help reduce potholes

 The Craighead course tees have been cut, divotted, top-dressed then verti-drained plus all greens, surrounds and tee sprinklers have been trimmed and cleaned out after they were top-dressed

The Craighead course greens and surrounds top-dressed and rubbed in

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