Thursday, 14 January 2016

 At last a break in the weather, well so I thought. Monday was a nice dry day which meant we could get back on to our winter projects on the Craighead course as it is on it's mid week closure, but on Tuesday more wind and heavy rain came
 Plans were to get back to the 11th old wall area
 Rebuilding the 2nd greenside (Rear) bunker

 it is very rare to see water lying on areas on the Balcomie course, just proves how wet the last couple of months have been
 The drainage work from last winter in front of tees 9 & 18 on the Craighead course has proved to be a big success, hopefully we will finish this area in the next couple of months weather pending
 With the Craighead course being to wet to work at the old 11th wall, we changed plans to get back to the new 4th medal tee path on the Balcomie course as much drier to work at

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