Wednesday, 16 December 2015

 This week is the last mid week closure for the Balcomie course this year, so the plans were to dig out and rebuild both fairway bunkers at hole 8, we have reused all the spoil from these bunkers at the new tee path at hole 4

 the 2nd green side bunker rebuilt on the Craighead course
 With getting slightly better weather we have taken the chance to top-dress the Balcomie course tees to help reduce thatch levels and improve the surfaces
 Our rough management plans are still on going with harrowing the roughs that were cut and collected, this is to help rip into the base of the plant to help thin these areas out
This week I attended a course walk at Scotscraig golf club organised by BIGGA to see all the new changes that are being carried out this winter by Chris and the team

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