Friday, 6 November 2015

 We are handing cutting the greens more at this time of year to help reduce tyre marking etc on the surrounds
 With the Craighead course on it's 2nd week closure we cut, divoted then heavy top-dressed the tees to help fill all the divots and smooth off the surfaces
 Most of the week has been overcast, dull & wet but was good for seeing our lines when slit tining fairways
 We verti-drained our 3rd fairway on top of all the drainage work that was carried out 2 years ago on the Craighead course to help with surface drainage as we  felt this would work better than the slit tining

 Our dump area on the Craighead course next to tees 12 has been getting a bank made by a local contractor to help hide this area and once the grass grows up it will look more natural
 Both green side bunkers at hole 15 on the Craighead course have been rebuilt this week to replace the old worn out faces

With the continuing wet/damp and mild weather I thought it was best to apply a preventative fungicide to the Balcomie course greens because of the high disease pressure at this time of year. Work continues at the 11th wall and just general course set up and any cutting required

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