Thursday, 15 October 2015

 With the colder nights we are getting heavy dew's in the mornings, so we have been dewy brushing the greens first thing
 The guys catching up with a full divot on the Balcomie course fairways and hopefully next week do the same on the Craighead course

 Slit tining of fairways and tees on both courses has started and will be carried out monthly through out the winter months to help relieve compaction from the season
 the drainage lines on the 3rd fairway of the Craighead course received another heavy top-dress and rub in to help smooth off the surfaces
 Haar starting to roll in on Wednesday afternoon
 the grass is coming through the matting that was laid at the rear of the 6th tees on the Balcomie course last week
 We are starting to hand cut the Craighead course greens more now to help relieve any stress and wheel marks on the surrounds from the triple mowers turning and round the perimeter of the greens
 Cutting has slowed down now with only the harder growing fairways etc getting cut weekly over both the courses, this will be done more in the afternoons for a drier cut
We have been back to the drainage lines in front of tees 9 & 18 on the Craighead course to top-up the lines with seed and divot mix before giving this area a heavy top-dress going into the winter months

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