Tuesday, 15 September 2015

 Today we have the front 9 holes on the Craighead course closed to carryout aeration work which consists of a contractor using the air2g2 aerator to a depth of 11" on the outside tines and 9" on the middle tine to help break up compaction at these different levels
 then behind that we have mini-hollow cored to help reduce surface compaction and the thatch levels, and clean up the cores
 then a double verti-cut to reduce even more thatch and smooth off the surfaces

 then a cut of the greens and surrounds to clean everything up
 3 buggy loads worth of debris per green
 then over seeded with our dimple roller seeder
 then a light top-dress to the greens and surrounds and rubbed in
as the front 9 is closed it made sense to verti-drain the tees to a depth of 5" with no interruption from play. Tomorrow the same process will go ahead on the back 9 weather permitting

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