Monday, 29 April 2013

 Tomorrow we have the senior open on the Craighead course so we were out cutting tees, divoting tees, fertilising tees, cutting semi-roughs, cutting 3.5" roughs, cutting fairways and trimming sprinkler heads but we left the greens as we were forecasted high winds again they will be cut tomorrow with the surrounds. Other jobs were to rake bunkers on both courses, cut Balcomie greens and divot Balcomie tees
 The seed in the drainage lines is starting to come through but we will top-dress and seed again next week
 We have re-turfed and placed rubber matting on the weak area coming onto the medal tee at hole 2 on the Balcomie course
A new rubber matting path at hole 13 on the Balcomie course, this will make this area more safer to walk on if in wet weather

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