Thursday, 3 November 2022

Winter maintenance week


The Craighead course fairways have all been slit tined to relieve compaction 
Face nearly built 
9th Greenside bunker being rebuilt on the Craighead course 
Face rebuilt and just the surrounds to be turfed 
We have started to rebuild the 2nd greenside bunker on the Craighead course 

We have started to verti-drain our tees and walkways etc on the Craighead course to relieve compaction from the Summers play and improve drainage going into the winter months 
We have built another recycling Railway sleeper bin for the 10th tees on the Craighead course 
We have reused the cores taken out of the greens to level off areas round the courses at manholes etc 
the amount of material taken out of just half the 14th green 
cores being cleared up 
We have carried out more mini-coring to the Craighead course greens to take out more thatch to improve the firmness of the surfaces 
The Craighead course greens being sprayed with a liquid iron to help harden the plant going into the winter months
The Balcomie course greens recovering well after their aeration work 

Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Balcomie course aeration week

It's that time of year again to carry out essential aeration work to the greens on the Balcomie course to relieve compaction and reduce thatch levels 
Greens 5,6,9,10 & 18 have been large hollow cored to help improve these surfaces more 
all the cores cleaned up before verti-cutting, cutting, spiking and overseeding 

the other 13 greens were just mini-cored 
verti-cutting after the coring to help rip out more thatch and clean the surfaces up before seeding
then spiking and overseeding to help improve the grass sward 
divoting the Balcomie course landing areas after a very busy season 
The Craighead course greens received their Autumn fertiliser to aid in the recovery from their aeration work 2 weeks ago, which consisted of mini-coring  and verti-cutting to help reduce thatch levels and open up the surfaces 
The cutting and collecting of deep rough areas on the Craighead course is ongoing to help reduce the thickness of these areas long term 

Thursday, 25 August 2022

A very Linksy course this year due to the prolonged drought we have had this Summer with only 76mm of rain in the last 3 months 
We have received nearly 6mm of rain yesterday which has really helped the courses perk up and add slight more growth to our greens, so we have been turf ironing behind the mower to help add pace to the surfaces 
The Craighead course tees being cut, divoted and sprayed with a liquid fertiliser to aid in recovery from the drought 
We have made a start to cutting round certain gorse areas on the Craighead course to help reduce the dense grass which surrounds these areas, basically the same principle when we cut and collect our deep roughs to help thin these areas out and make them slightly more playable 
On that note we have started the cutting and collecting of our deep rough areas, this will be ongoing right through the Autumn months on areas over both courses when weather permits 
We are making progress on connecting our new borehole at our dump area next to the 12th tees on the Craighead course 
We have added more H&S signage at the tees on hole 2 of the Balcomie course to reduce and hopefully stop golfers hitting/playing onto the 12th fairway while golfers are playing the 12th fairway 

Monday, 25 July 2022

Changing holes each morning of the Club Championship over both courses 
At last some rain, which has allowed us to spray greens over both courses with wetting agent & Seaweed 
Polishing up fairways 
Spraying greens after cutting 
Cutting and rolling greens when possible to keep a good pace on the surfaces 
The Craighead course greens have had their Summer granular fertiliser applied 
Ongoing irrigation repairs on the Craighead course with replacing worn old sprinklers 
In the drought and very high temperatures we have been out hand watering greens over both courses to help hydrate the high spots 

Our 5th green on the Balcomie course has had some extra work carried out on it to help improve the surface by double spiking, over seeding, heavy top-dressing and rubbing in, this will help reduce thatch levels and introduce better grass species into the sward 
loads of holes for the new seed 
slow rub in of the top-dressing sand into the holes to cover the seed 
The Craighead course tees have had an application of slow release fertiliser to aid recovery 

Friday, 10 June 2022

Summer is here

Both courses starting to dry up, watering greens & tees through the night when the wind is calmer and lower temperatures 
greens being turf ironed before play 
hand watering high spots on greens 
18th green on the Balcomie course has had extra work completed on it to help improve the surface and reduce thatch levels - the green was double spiked and seeded 
loads of holes for new seed 
an application of 1 ton of top-dressing sand to cover the seed and fill in the holes and make the surfaces smooth again 
surface slowly brushed to work the seed and sand into the holes, then the surface was slowly rolled, watered and fertilised 
We have been out spot treating a weed called Pearwort on our greens 
Irrigation repairs ongoing on the Craighead course before a busy spell for the systems 
The Balcomie course fairways are having the grass clippings collected when cut to help reduce weed seeds back onto the surfaces 
Our last built in-house recycling bin for the Balcomie course is in place along the path from the 14th green to the 15th tees, next winter we plan to complete the Craighead course bins 
We have in a demo of a new flail mower for cutting and collecting our deep roughs going forward 
Getting the courses prepared for the days play 
All fairways and semi-roughs have been sprayed with a selective herbicide to help control daises etc over both courses 

The Balcomie course greens receiving their Summer application of fertiliser